Frequently Asked Questions

Have a questions, chances are someone has already asked it and the answer is listed below.

Q:  What do you mean by a stocked kitchen?
A:  Items included are spices, salt, pepper, and basic condiments – ketchup & mustard.  We also provide complimentary farm products:  One half dozen of our farm fresh eggs, 1.5 pounds of our stone-ground cornmeal, 4 ounces of East Fork Farm jam, 4 ounces of Notorious coffee, and 2 sample size bars of Dancing Woods soap.

Q:  Is 4WD required
A:  Our roads are easily accessible with 2WD vehicles

Q:  How far are the cottages located from Asheville?
A:  30 minutes

Q:  What should I pack other than the regular essentials?
A:  Flip flops or sandals to get to the hot tub, rubber boots or old shoes if you plan on walking around the farm, and warm clothes for cool evenings.

Q:  What is the closest grocery store?
A:  Ingles is a large grocery store that should have everything you need and is located 15 minutes from the cottage. There is also a small grocer in Marshall called Madison Natural Foods

Q:  Are linens provided
A:  All linens are provided including sheets, blankets, towels, and kitchen linens

Q:  Do the hot tubs have jets?
A:  Our hot tubs are made of cedar and are kept at 100 degrees in the summer months and 102 degrees in the cooler months.  Jets are not installed on the tub which allows for a quiet cedar aromatic soak.

Q:  Can we interact with the animals on the farm?
A:  Of course and this is highly encouraged.  We are proud of our farm and would love to have you walk around using our self guided tour map (provided in the cottage).  The only saying that we use is “The fences are hot, the dogs are not”!!! Also, please do not open gates that are closed (this is for the safety of our animals and you).

Q:  Can we bring our dog?
A:  We have a lot of farm animals wandering freely and they will get scared when encountering a strange animal.  For the safety of our animals and your pets, we do not allow visitors to bring pets.

Q:  Does the cottage have wireless internet
A:  Yes

Q:  Will my GPS get me there?
A:  Probably, but please do not count on your GPS for accurate directions as the mountains can sometimes cause interference.  Please print directions before heading our way.

Q.  Can we fish in the pond?
A:   Sorry, but we do not offer this as an option.  Feel free to visit the pond though!

Q:  Is there a fire pit?
A:  There is now a fire pit located only at East Fork Cottage and is only to be used by the guests staying at that cottage.  One bundle of firewood, fire starters and kindling are provided.  More firewood is available for sale.

Q:  Is the grill gas or charcoal?
A:  Each cottage is equipped with a propane grill and we supply the fuel.  If the grill is not working, please check to make sure the valve behind the grill is open.  A lighter has been provided to assist in lighting the grill.

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