Farm Dogs

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On the farm, we have two great pyrenees guardians that keep our farm animals safe from predators.  They work hard, get lots of attention, fed well, and are greatly appreciated.

Pava, the stoic but loving canine, sleeps, resides and is often confused for a sheep.  He sleeps with one eye open and guards the pastures.  He can often been seen bouncing around the farm on a cool day.

Max, the tall and lanky, the leaner who always runs to greet us.  A happy dog that we rescued by working with the Great Pyrenees Rescue of Western North Carolina.

In loving memory…
Sam, our lovable hugable boy,  is the farm mascot, eager to greet any visitors that wander the farm.  He is the great poultry guardian and loves his chickens and ducks.

Libby, our yellow lab, is getting a little older and slower these days.  She hangs out at the barns, waiting for a scratch and can be seen lazily sleeping in the sun.  Now blind and deaf, she still gets around and loves to still ride in our farm utility vehicle.

Farming is impossible without a little bit of companionship and assistance.