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Pastured Chicken **NON-GMOPrice / #
Whole chicken$5.50
Chicken tenderloin$11.50
Chicken breast$10.50
Chicken thighs$9
Chicken drum stick$6.50
Chicken wings$4.50
Chicken offal (liver, heart)$4.50
Chicken necks$3.50
Chicken feet$2.50
Chicken sausage (various flavors)$10
Pastured TurkeyPrice / #
Turkey breast$10.50
Turkey tenderloin$11.50
Turkey drum sticks$6.50
Turkey thighs$9
Turkey wings$4.50
Turkey offal (liver, heart)$4.50
Turkey necks$3.50
Grassfed LambPrice / #
Rack of lamb$18
Lamb Loin Chops$18
Leg of lamb - boneless$12
Leg of lamb - bone-in$10
Lamb kabob$14
Lamb sirloin chops$14
Ground lamb$12
Lamb sausage$10
Lamb shank$8
Lamb neck$7
Lamb riblets$5.50
Lamb offal (liver, heart, kidney)$5
Stone Ground Corn **NON-GMO
Speckled grits - 1.5# bag$6
Cornmeal - 1.5# bag$5
Buttermilk Cornbread Mix - 1# bag
Pond Raised TroutPrice / #
Whole trout$10
Farm Fresh RabbitPrice / #
Whole rabbit$9
Rabbit loin$14
Rabbit hind legs$10
Rabbit front legs$9
Pastured PorkPrice / #
Pork tenderloin chops$14
Pork chops boneless$10
Pork sausage (Kielbasa, Hot Italian)$8
Pork breakfast sausage (mild or medium)$7
Ground pork$7
Pastured Eggs
X-Large - 1 dozen$5.50
Grassfed Beef Price / #
Filet Mignon$26
NY Strip steak$18
Ribeye steak$18
Sirloin steak$14
Ground beef$8
Short ribs$7
Marrow bones$5
Smoked beef sausage (mild and hot italian)$10
Beef hot dogs$12